Friday, April 13, 2012

First post/review/recommendation!

I've been talking about it for long enough and I think it is finally time that I put my words into action. For all of my friends who have had to politely put up with my restaurant reviews, you now have an entirely new venue to to hear about them!

I'll begin with a review of Gypsy Beans and Baking Company. I'm constantly looking for new coffee shops where I can study because I have a very short attention span and need to constantly change where I am working. I've spent a considerable amount of time at the coffee shops closest to me, so I ventured out of my usual 3 mile radius to check out Gypsy Beans. I don't usually just stumble upon locations to work, so I did all the necessary research before heading out. Free wifi-yes. Free parking lot-yes. Decent hours-yes.

I'll start by saying that Gypsy has the best music of any coffee shop that I have frequented. Ever. The XX, The Blow, Tegan and Sara, Gotye, Black Keys, Stars, etc.* The extensive coffee list is only augmented by a fabulous variety of food options. A full menu plus a beautiful pastry case (I didn't eat anything, so I'm not going to comment on the quality). I was happy with my latte, though it was on the expensive side-$4.04 for a medium plain latte. Obviously coming here with my computer, I searched for a table near an outlet. This was the primary problem with studying here. It appears that there are only two available outlet options, so you must be strategic when looking for a seat. There is plenty of natural light, which I found to be a nice feature that also helped keep me alert. I already mentioned the music, which was great, but there was also a lot of background buzz. It wasn't anything that specific, so it didn't bother me too much. I definitely plan to return. The distance is a slight impediment, but it is always nice to have new study options.

6425 Detroit Ave
Cleveland, OH 44102
(216) 939-9009

When driving west, turn left on W. 65th and the parking lot is directly on your left.

*The music started to change as I was leaving. I still plan to return...but maybe with headphones.